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National Seminar On Role of ICT in Higher Education 23rd -24th February, 2019

National Seminar On Role of ICT in Higher Education 23rd -24th February, 2019

National Seminar On Role of ICT in Higher Education 23rd -24th February, 2019 

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About the Seminar:

Information and Communication Technology plays an important role in all the aspects of life. ICT is an abbreviated form of Information and Communication Technology. The use of ICT has rapidly grown in past 20 years in all the fields. As the world is moving rapidly into the digital media, the role of ICT in higher education is also gaining much attention. This growing importance and attention of ICT's will continue to grow and develop in the 21st century. ICT is a major way to enhance and transform the higher education teaching and learning system and environment which makes the work more productive and meaningful. It helps in keeping contact between the people (Teacher and Student) by e-mail, e-learning, TV, Audio- Visual aid, CD ROM etc. Now a days, education is actually a very socially oriented activity and we can achieve quality education with the strong teachers who have high degrees of personal contact with the learners . We can say that ICT has become an important part of today's TEACHING LEARNING PROCESS. If we use it in a proper manner it not only motivate students, makes the classes more dynamic and interesting but also helps the teacher in learning new skills and techniques. In Education, ICT improves class room teaching learning process and also provides the facility of e-learning. The proper use of ICT not only enhances learning environment but also prepares the coming generation for better lives and better careers.

We can probably understand it in a better way by bringing certain lines of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar in which he considered a University as MACHINERY. According to him, the University is a machinery where education facilities are provided to the people who we can say are “Intellectually Capable” of using those facilities in the best possible way but on the other hand there are certain people who can not avail themselves of those facilities for the want of funds or may be because of other handicaps in life. What Dr. Ambedkar meant by those lines is very unambiguous. For him the person who really want to avail the facilities for learning new things will always be a learner and can do good progress in life but the people who are already stuck in the different barriers can never be a learner and hence can never use the facilities effectively and efficiently. The proper use of ICT's can make good changes both for Teaching and Training in Higher Education in two ways- Firstly, the rich representation of information always changes the perception of the learner and also helps in better understanding of the context. Secondly, the extensive distribution and easy process of information can change the relationships between teachers and taught. In the last few decades, we have seen an increasing number of youngsters who gained access to Higher Education. 

Sub themes:



  • Role of Online learning i.e swayam
  •  Role of e- library.
  •  Impact of learning management system.
  •  Benefits of cloud learning.
  •  Influence of virtual classes and virtual labs.
  •  Importance of virtual universities for future aspects.
  •  Need of Artificial intelligence.
  • Innovation s and best practices of ICT.
  • Need of 3D classes in the enhancement of performance.
  • Methods of evaluation and conduct online examination.
  • Challenges through ICTlearning process.
  • Role of simulators in learning process.
  • Needs of webinar in today's scenario.
  • Issues of ICT.
  • Role of plagiarism in quality research.
  • Quality Enhancement by I.C.T.